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About Us


Why do we offer a meal delivery service?

I would have to say that my life's passion is health and wellness for myself and others. For example, I have always wanted to eat healthy and having food ready for the week makes that so much easier, so  I faithfully meal prepped on Sundays.  People in my life would ask "How do you do this?" or "I love having food ready for the week, can you help me?".  Sunday would come and I would show them the ropes get them started, but a lot of them didn't stay with it for one reason or another. So,  I wanted to create a way for people to eat healthy meals without having to do any of the thinking or planning.  There is no need to think about what to eat, how much, when to shop, cooking, or the best part- no dishes! I created this business to truly simplify healthier eating for my customers without them having to do any of the work so they could have prepped meals ready to go!